Emerging marketing trends in the Hospitality industry

Here’s a quick look on the how the hospitality industry had to reshape some marketing strategies to cater to the new world


While COVID-19 put a huge dent in this industry’s business, the post-pandemic surge came out swinging 2 times harder. Marketers have taken it upon themselves to cater to every tool available to reach out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible

In an effort to create and maintain a positive customer experience and relationship, marketers are now using data gathered over a period of the pandemic to assess where the customers would first hit the market. Here are our top 4:

1. Promoting exclusivity

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Marketers have had a field day while curating and creating amazing campaigns that revolved around giving the customers an off-beat experience. From the smallest of hostels to the biggest of hotels, the post pandemic world has seen a sweeping demand for experiences that don’t fall under the norm.

2. Video Marketing

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Oh, Tik Tok *sigh*. With the advent of video content taking over pictorial content, this form of marketing acts one of the strongest tools to bring in new customers. The creativity of the production along with the real time depiction of the product/service is one of the best way to pull customers in your direction

3. Re-marketing of user generated content

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The content created by end-users act as testimonials to the outstanding service you can provide. If this content is re-marketed correctly, you can see an increased level of brand awareness, followed by an influx of traffic that gives you data on how to create personalised campaigns for the visitors. This also helps in understanding why someone hasn't returned to your site, giving you an opportunity to re-engage with them with irresistible offers.

4. Flexibility

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Given the unstable state of affairs throughout the world, people have shown to pay a premium to purchase flexibility. From changing dates to offering full refunds, giving a customer flexibility makes them more susceptible to choosing you product/service over a competitors. These options are given to the consumers using unique campaigns, tailored to their needs.

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