Introduction to MC Personalization (formerly known as Interaction Studio)

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What is MC Personalization?

MC Personalisation, formerly known as Interaction Studio, is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution that helps create real-time personalization. But what, does that mean?

Marketers across industries have been looking for ways through which they can reach out to potential customers and cater to their needs on an individual basis. However, it is extremely impractical to create a new experience for each user individually. That’s where MC Personalization comes into the picture.

Using this solution, we can now dynamically create content and promote relevant products and services via a myriad of channels such as web, email and mobile with offers that appease to individual preferences?

Why MC Personalization?

We are staunch believers of connected experiences enabling greater possibilities. The concept MC Personalization revolves around creating these personalised experiences for customers to at every touchpoint, to help enhance their journey with the brand

However, personalization as is isn’t the whole solution.

Personalization, while certainly catering to specific preferences, is not sufficient unless businesses derive its performance. Leveraging this personalization into understanding consumer behaviour is what orchestrates larger customer experience focused business outcomes

How does MC Personalisation help?

  • Personalised Website experience instead of static pages offering the same content to everyone
  • Providing personalised product recommendations and discounts that appeal to the each individual
  • Data & Analytics can be used to generate Einstein ‘recipes’ based on customer proies, creating worthwhile experiences
  • Ability to turn prospects into customers while harness their journey, identifying their needs and assimilating their browsing history to create experiences that help convert them

Who would MC Personalization help?

Any and every business looking to reach out to their customers and leads in a manner that appeases to their preferences and yield to their needs can enable MC Personalization. This would enable taking your MarTech stack up a notch and see real-time results of your personalization through the data collected at the end of each campaign. Be it retail, hospitality, healthcare, automotive or even F&B, the scope for implementing MC Personalization is large and waiting to be leverage to its fullest potential

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