Advertising Studio Implementation for Real Estate Agency

Advertising Studio Implementation for Real Estate Agency

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Project Challenges

They were facing the following challenges:

  • Tough To Reach Potential Customers: The client is facing issues in targeting the potential customers. Despite spending heavily on marketing campaigns, they failed to target their potential audience. Consequently, they spent a lot of time on marketing campaigns that weren’t relevant to their business.
  • Lack Of Active Subscriptions From Customers: Due to a lack of activity from the customer side, the client was unable to target them or notify them about the new upcoming opportunities. They were not using their existing customer base properly.
  • Lack Of Data Accessibility: One of the major challenges they were facing was to access the marketing data from multiple platforms like sales cloud, service cloud, and commerce cloud. They are looking to reach the target  audience by using analytical data from multiple sources.
  • Unable To Automate Leads: The client was not able to automate the leads from different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are looking to automate the leads
  • Difficulty Managing Multi-Channel Advertising: The client is facing issues to advertise efficiently in multiple channels at a time, due to mismanagement and unwanted use of resources they were unable to track the customer insights, which leads them to huge losses.
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